Retirees = Future Workers

Nov 23, 2010

Independent insurance agencies and other employers in the insurance industry are facing a coming labor shortage created by baby boomer retirements. A National Alliance Research Academy study calls it a “pending labor shortage in the insurance and risk management industry.”

There’s good news for agencies in the U.S., though. The future workforce will be available in the coming decade: Retirees.

I’m sure you’ll ask: ‘How’s that!?’ Today’s workers are looking forward to retiring. But they also plan to continue working. The National Alliance study found that 59% of pre-retirees plan to continue working part-time basis after formal retirement in a “phased retirement.”

The challenge is setting up a new workforce relationship, between an independent agency and a retiree (who now wants to work—but work part time, from home, using remote and mobile technology.) A retiree in New York State might work for an agency in New Jersey, or a retiree in South Carolina might work for an agency in Ohio.

What do you think independent agencies need to do to adjust to having professionals working for them on a remote, part-time or full-time basis?


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