How Can We Encourage Our Best People to Grow With Us?

Feb 9, 2023

If you know someone looking for a job—or if that job seeker is, in fact, you yourself—you’re not alone.

Given the growing predictions for a slowing economy, I was somewhat surprised to learn that 45% of workers today are looking for a new job or planning to within the year, according to the latest Job Seeker Nation Report.

Perhaps what was truly shocking to discover in this report, though, was that more than half of those job seekers haven’t even looked for new positions internally. 54%! That percentage speaks volumes.

Clearly, the majority of people believe the only answer is to leave their current companies. They must not see much growth opportunity where they are, or are actively disengaged from their current work. How did this happen? How did we get here?

It got me thinking about how we recognize, promote, and celebrate our people. The same Job Seeker Nation Report found that only 37% of workers feel they are fairly paid, and half believe they can make more money if they switch jobs. Are we compensating our people in accordance with the value they bring to our organizations? And are we transparent about compensation and benefits?

Interestingly enough, the report found that half of those surveyed were willing to accept a lower salary for the opportunity work remotely at least part of the time. How are we recognizing and accommodating our people’s very reasonable desires? Are we making it possible for them to express these wishes in the first place? And then are we putting the necessary systems, processes, and tools in place to support them?

A good 40% of survey respondents reported high turnover and an increase in workloads, stress, and burnout. But the number of employers offering mental health benefits is at the lowest level in three years. Are we taking care of our people? When was the last time we checked in and ensured they had resources for managing their physical and mental health?

I think one of the best ways to lead change in these aspects is to be transparent, and to model the desired behaviors ourselves. How are you showing your people you’re listening to them? How are you keeping them engaged and willing to grow with you—rather than jump ship?


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