Quiet Hiring: The Newest 2023 Workplace Trend

Jan 26, 2023

Last year, the workplace buzz was all about quiet quitting, a trend in which employees put in only the minimum requirements of their job, with no additional time or effort than necessary.

Now the new year is here, and with it comes the latest buzzy workplace trend: quiet hiring. Quiet hiring is when an organization acquires new skills without hiring full-time employees. It’s a trend that could be especially relevant for the insurance industry, as we stare down possible recession and a continued talent shortage and skills gap.

What is quiet hiring?

Quiet hiring can involve hiring part-time workers, short-term contractors – or even asking current employees to temporarily take on new roles within the organization where help is most needed.

Why is quiet hiring on the rise?

In the midst of the talent shortage and uncertain economy, it’s increasingly important to find new ways to stay afloat and meet business goals. Rather than implement hiring freezes or layoffs, quiet hiring can be a viable option.

Asking employees who already work for you to perform other critical tasks and job functions can help them improve their skills, learn more about different areas of your organization, gain perspective, prepare them for growth, and help break down silos between departments – all while helping you meet near-term needs.

If you pursue this “internal” quiet hiring approach, it’s important to clearly communicate with your employees about why you’re doing this and what’s in it for them. Nobody wants to do “double work”, take on a new job with no change in compensation, or work for a crumbling business.

Sometimes, due to a skills gap, internal quiet hiring isn’t possible. That’s when hiring contract workers with just the right skills can help you meet your goals. At WAHVE, we specialize in matching professionals who have decades of insurance industry experience to fill your specific needs.

We also take the guesswork, cost, and time-consuming nature out of recruiting, hiring, and training by pre-qualifying every candidate and matching their skills to your specific needs. No insurance knowledge training is needed. Every wahve (work-at-home vintage experts) has 25-plus years of experience and can hit the ground running. We manage it all, from matching the right talent to helping you onboard and manage the ongoing relationship.

Quiet hiring can help you become a skills-based organization

Whether you quietly hire internally or externally, this trend can help you become a skills-based organization (one that views work in terms of dynamic skills vs. fixed, static jobs). This is increasingly important for organizations looking toward the future, and it starts with considering what goals you want to achieve and then identifying the capabilities needed to achieve them. When you work with WAHVE, you’ll get candidates who have already been screened based on specific insurance skills and organizational fit – so they’re productive on day one.

Is quiet hiring here to stay?

Quiet hiring is the new buzzword but finding ways to evolve and improve workplace efficiency without causing financial strain has long been a priority for any successful organization. In 2023, quiet hiring could make the difference between sinking or swimming. If you want to swim, WAHVE is here to help.


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