The Affordable Expertise Boost

Apr 24, 2017

Your staff rocks. You have an incredible amount of talent in your office, no matter how small your operations are. They handle so many facets of your agency business, and they have plenty of knowledge to go around.

Yet even the best teams can benefit from additional knowledge. For example, you may have a fantastic sales force, but you have no dedicated marketing help to pull in new leads. Or you want to expand your lines of business, but you and your team are new to that coverage area. Besides, where are you going to get affordable help with the expertise you need? And how are you going to find that talent in the local candidate pool?

Traditionally, agencies would turn to staffing companies to help fill in employment gaps. However, the garden-variety staffing firm, while having many talented workers to choose from, rarely have a talent pool that’s familiar with, let alone well-versed in, insurance. So in the past, the options were these: hire the expertise you need and pay top dollar for it, or go without.

Luckily, those are no longer an insurance agency’s only options. These days, agencies can hire the exact expertise they need. What’s more, this talent can be had for a price that won’t break budgets.

Meet your next expert staff member – a pretiring, remote insurance professional.

That’s right. Older, highly skilled insurance professionals are available right now to help your agency enhance its already excellent skill set.

Think about it – we live in an economy that’s managed to squeeze the Baby Boomer generation financially from both ends of the spectrum. Their aging parents need their help and their children have struggled in a post-recession job market. They need to work, but their current work situation either no longer fits the demands of their lifestyle or no longer appeals. Right now, there are literally hundreds of thousands of veteran insurance professionals who are of retirement age or fast approaching it. Some of them, while eager to get out of the daily commute, may not want to stop working.

How does that help you, agency owner? These veterans are looking for supplemental income, less stress, a slower-paced working situation, even a move to a new area within insurance. Their talent can be had for a lower price – and much less overhead – than you would pay if you’d hire them for an inhouse position.

It’s why I started WAHVE – to help agencies and brokers find the right-sized talent they need by pairing them with pretiring remote workers (which I call wahves) looking to continue their careers from home.

Because wahves are remote, you’ll have a wider network of professionals to choose from. Need additional help with claims adjusting? How about someone to help process applications, or someone to handle the underwriting? You tell us what you want. We do the rest.

In a highly competitive insurance market, anything agencies and brokers can do to differentiate and give themselves an advantage should be considered. Remote workers who add to your agency’s skills and knowledge without costing you a hefty price? That’s the Wahve of the future.

Also, if you’re a veteran insurance pro who is ready to retire yet looking to still contribute, why not share your knowledge and expertise with the very industry you’ve dedicated your career to? Call us. Let’s talk about what you want your post-retirement career to look like and how a remote work situation may fit with your needs.

For more information on how WAHVE has helped agencies meet their specific staffing needs, read our case studies. Interested in becoming a wahve? Check out our wahve stories to see how professionals like you are extending their careers and doing it on their terms.


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